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    Temp Tat News — henna

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    For the Love of Mehndi

    For the Love of Mehndi

    Mehndi, the Indian word for henna temporary body art, is the perfect thing to talk about on Valentine’s Day! For those who may not be familiar with the history and cultural practices surrounding henna tattoos in India, it’s all about love. The henna plant is believed to be infused with the positive power of the saints, so if your body is adorned with henna you can expect love, luck and prosperity to come your way.

    All Indian brides have their hands and feet painted with henna because, Indians say, the darker the color of her henna designs, the longer the love will last between the couple. So it follows that after her mehndi application, the bride-to-be becomes a de facto princess. She is not allowed to do any washing, cooking or other household chores as they may affect the quality of the henna stain. It has to be especially dark on the day of the wedding! They actually wrap the woman’s hands and feet in cotton or cloth to protect her gorgeous henna tattoos.

    I’d like to be able to sit back and let people serve me and take care of me after getting a henna design, but alas, I am already married. That’s okay, though, because I can still groove on the extra love permeating my body, soul and psyche, thanks to the henna gods!

    Need a dose of love on Valentine’s Day? That’s easy. Grab yourself an Earth Henna Temporary Tattoo Kit from www.earthhenna.com (we even have a Hearts & Valentine’s Stencil Pack that comes free with our Valentine’s special Henna Kits Bundle Package), and let the love roll in.

    5 Things I Love About Henna

    5 Things I Love About Henna

    1. I’m a writer, so I love words. I can write a word I love on my body with henna, and there it will stay for 7-10 days. Like ineffable, which means incapable of being described with words, like life! 
    1. I’m also an author, an art dealer and a freelance museum curator. Creating henna tattoo kits is my day job. I’m so happy that, like my other cherished pursuits, henna body art falls into the creative arts group. 
    1. Curating museum exhibitions and writing books requires research into the history of the subject matter at hand, which I love. Investigating the 5,000-year-old henna body artform brought me such magical knowledge about henna cultures throughout India, Africa and the Middle East! I am richer for it. And speaking of 5,000 years, it occurred to me that I’ve been saying henna is a 5000-year-old artform for about 20 years now. So it’s official, henna is a 5020-year-old artform! 
    1. While we’re on the subject of magic, in case you didn’t know, in all the different countries where henna grows, people believe the plant is infused with magical properties, and that whoever is painted with henna will be gifted with love, luck and prosperity. 
    1. I have witnessed people waiting in line for as long as 4 hours to get a henna tattoo (like at Vidcon last year). No matter how cranky they are by the time their turn comes, they always leave with a smile. Henna makes people happy!

    Henna For Kids

    Drumroll, please.

    Introducing our beautifully repackaged Henna Kit for Kids!

    In the last three years, we went on a repackaging adventure. It had suddenly dawned on us that, after fifteen years, our kits needed a face lift (yes, we’re a little slow sometimes). First up was our best-seller, the original Premium Earth Henna Body Painting Kit, which used to look like this:

    We turned it into this:

    Then came the Classic Kit’s turn. It used to look like this:

    After its makeover, it looks like this:

    Next up came the Jagua kit. It, too, needed revisiting. It went from this (our very first jagua kit):

    To This:

    And now, this!

    I could keep going with a couple of other changes we made over the years, but I think it was the Kit for Kids I started off with right? Right. For our newest makeover, here’s what our Kit for Kids looked like until about five minutes ago:

    Drumroll again, please. Here it is, our brand new version of the Earth Henna Kit for Kids:

    So what do you think? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Please leave a comment on our Facebook page!

    Henna For A New Age

    Henna powder

    Where can I find your henna kits?

    Just yesterday a woman I met asked me this question, and I found myself explaining how lucky we are that henna tattoos organically fall into so many different markets—fashion accessory; all-natural product; arts and crafts; art supplies; beauty and cosmetics; tattoos; and new age.

    New age? She said. Really? Of course, it’s a perfect fit. One of my favorite things to do is spend time in new age stores, ambling down the aisles, sniffing candles, reading about the potent qualities of crystals, admiring statuaries of Buddha, Ganesh, Lakshmi and Saraswati, as the sweet smell of incense fills my nostrils. And what great books! One of my favorite of all finds is the wonderful book by Jamie Sams (of Medicine Cards fame), Dancing the Dream. I happened onto it, started flipping through it, couldn’t put it down and took it home. 15 years later, it still sits, nestled among other favorites on my bedside table. Open to any page and revel in Native American wisdoms that fit the bill every single time.

    And what better place for a henna kit? I know this is old news, but for those of you who may not know this, it’s worth repeating. All over India, Africa and the Middle East it is considered a blessing to have henna on your body. The henna plant is believed to be infused with the positive power of the saints, and with love, luck and prosperity. To paint your body with henna is to inscribe such wishes and affirmations into the deepest part of your heart.

    Henna kits feel right at home in new age stores. They’re spiritual!

    An Alternative To Jewelry

    It’s no stretch to say that I’m gaga over all the different ways that exist to decorate the body. I’m a jewelry designer in my spare time, and there’s no hiding the truth from anybody who knows me: I lovelovelove baubles, and I’ve got lots of ‘em. Yet in my chosen line of work, I’m always talking about henna and jagua in the context of body adornment; and it occurred to me that, as ornamentation goes, it would not be radical to suggest that, every once in awhile, you ditch the jewelry, and paint it on instead!
    If you’re looking to make a statement, forget wearing a necklace, a bracelet or ring. Using henna or jagua to create your own body jewelry is a killer idea. A picture is worth a thousand words. Feast your eyes on these magnificent gems! Not that I’m trying to start a war between jewelry and henna tattoos, but honestly, would you wear a necklace over this?

    Or a cuff over that?

    I may argue the opposite point tomorrow, but since the idea of henna or jagua tattoos as an alternative to jewelry just occurred to me, for now all I can say is I rest my case.